1 Bcd Yaounde 2016
Banque Camerounaise de Développement

Architecture & Interior Design

New Bank Building
LOCATION: Yaoundé - Cameroon
SERVICES PROVIDED: Architecture & Interior Design

Project description

In 1983 Lorenzo Bellini wins the competition for the Architecture & Interior Design of the new headquarters of the Banque Camerunaise de Développement (BCD) in Yaounde, successively built. The architecture is characterized by two main elements, purposely in contrast: from one side the building facade with modern mirrored glass panels, from the other the arcade made in traditional roman travertine, that had to follow the shape imposed by the urban plan of the French architect Perrin Faylle. Bellini reinterprets the arcade in a modern way, more compatible with the large volume of the building that is lightened sideways by the further use of decorated travertine. Concerning the interior design, we highlight the Auditorium, the Executive Office floor and the prestigious Presidential Offices & Lounge on the top floor. The building also includes a wide Parking distributed on the two underground floors.