1 Mountazahresorthotel Annaba 2016
Mountazah Resort Hotel

Architecture & Interior Design

Restoration & Extension with Rebranding at 4 stars Resort Hotel
LOCATION: Seraidi - Annaba - Algeria
SERVICES PROVIDED: Architecture & Interior Design, Construction Supervision

Project description

Restoration & refurbishment of an existing hotel located on top of the mountains that overlooks the cost of Annaba region. The first step of the project was to rationalize the layout, to create the condition for a radical redefinition of the Interior Design, that was conceived declining the blue palette in all its nuances. The clear reference to Arab culture, evident in the extensive use of musharabie, decorated tiles and colorful pillows, contrasts with the modern interior design approach. The upgrading of the hotel at 4 stars hotel, required the addition of a new building to place a Conference Center of 600 sq.m., a Wellness & SPA Center with a surface of 600sq.m. spread over two levels, and an underground parking. The project also includes an accurate landscape design, and a careful lighting project.
In Partnership with
Archiquest - Coprogetti - Lenzi - Reconsult