1 Santamargheritadipula Lapineta 2016
Forte Village La Pineta

Architecture & Interior Design

Refurbishment of a 4 stars Resort Hotel
LOCATION: Santa Margherita di Pula - Italy
SERVICES PROVIDED: Architecture & Interior Design

Project description

Opened on April 2016, the new family rooms of hotel La Pineta represents a further step in the general process of refurbishment that is involving Forte Village, the multi awarded five stars resort composed by 8 hotels and 6 villas, located on the south-east coast of Sardinia. The interior design is contemporary with a predominance of grey-blue paneling enhanced by typically marine accent color as blue, green and yellow; a light reminding to local tradition is achieved through the use of typical Sardinian fabrics redesigned with a modern pattern and placed on the headboard and in the bathroom areas.