1 Isarenas 2016
Golf Hotel Is Arenas

Architecture & Interior Design

New 4 stars Resort Hotel
LOCATION: Oristano - Italy
SERVICES PROVIDED: Architecture & Interior Design

Project description

This project was designed as the integral part of Is Arenas Golf Luxury Hotels & Villas development. It benefits of a unique location since the property is positioned on the western cost of Sardinia and surrounded by a renowned golf court. The lobby is featured by a central skylight that provides natural light to the extensive open space enriched by pleasant patios with olive trees open up along the path leading to a wide SPA. Provided with 120 guest rooms, the interior design is original and contemporary warm perfectly in line with the needs of an international clientele: tailored furniture in a country chic style and natural material, as local stone and wood represent the neutral background on which to play with contrasting fabrics in vivid colors.
In partnership with
Domenico Pisu