1 Hotelmermoura Annaba 2016
Mermoura Resort Hotel

Architecture & Interior Design

Restoration & Extension with Rebranding at 4 stars Resort Hotel
LOCATION: Guelma - Annaba - Algeria
SERVICES PROVIDED: Architecture & Interior Design, Construction Supervision

Project description

Located in the inner part of Annaba region, this hotel will be submitted to a complex restoration in order to allow the rebranding at 4 star hotel. In addition to the total redefinition of the internal layout, the project includes an interior design that is based on contrast: marble surface, musharabia in taupe wood, fabrics with warm colors from yellow to orange. Provided with 167 Guestrooms, the hotel will be extended with the addition of two new buildings: the first will house a Congress Center with a surface of 500 sq.m; the second will host a Restaurant and a Pizzeria.
In Partnership with
Archiquest - Coprogetti - Lenzi - Reconsult