1 Qfhotel Dresden 2016
QF Hotel

Architecture & Interior Design

New 5 stars Hotel
LOCATION: Dresden - Germany
SERVICES PROVIDED: Interior Architecture & Decoration

Project description

The QF Hotel enjoys a fantastic location, being in front of the recently rebuilt Frauenkirche Church. Opened in 2006, after the total reconstruction of an entire bloc, it represents the first Design Hotel built in Dresden: from an architectural point of view the key element is the atrium structure that distributes the 97 Rooms & Suites on 7 floors overlooking the lobby: a dynamic lift, made in steel and glass, crosses the hotel towards a skylight that fills with light the whole environment. One of the feature of QF hotel is to be very open toward the town, since the Bellini’s Bar and the Chocolaterie La Dolce Vita are accessible directly from outside as well as the new Breakfast Lounge, recently built at 2th floor to host also private dinner and events. A small Meeting & Conference Center is located on the roof Floor.
In partnership with
Kai Von Doring