1 Roccofortesavoy Florence 2016
Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy

Architecture & Interior Design

Restoration & Refurbishment of a 5 stars Palace Hotel
LOCATION: Florence - Italy
SERVICES PROVIDED: Architecture & Interior Design

Project description

Total restoration and refurbishment of an existing historical hotel located in the core of Florence. The Savoy is estimated as one of the best luxury hotels in Italy and belongs to The Leading Hotels of the World. During the restoration, the layout was totally redefined to reach the 104 keys requested. On the ground floor, due to limited dimension, it was necessary to place the reception on the entrance side, differently from any Bellini’s projects. This way it was possible to gain a comfortable hall and a cozy bar open toward the square. Thanks to the attention to the Layout and Interior Design the hotel has been awarded in 2000 by Hotel Spec European Hotel Design Award as “Best Interior Design” in the category of Refurbishment.
In partnership with
Olga Polizzi