1 Serpianoluxuryresorthotel Serpiano 2016
Serpiano Luxury Resort Hotel

Architecture & Interior Design

Competion for a New Luxury SPA Resort Hotel
LOCATION: Serpiano - Switzerland
SERVICES PROVIDED: Architecture & Interior Design

Project description

Competition for the realization of a new SPA Luxury Resort hotel, located in one of the most beautiful and well preserved part of Lugano Lake. The “fil rouge“ of the project was to create a deep relationship between building and nature, bringing the minimal impact to the landscape: the choice of local materials and technology (wood, stone), the presence of a green roof, the use of geothermal energy, are only few examples of the attention paid to preserve the original landscape. The wellness center, very innovative also considering the presence of a modern medical center, is located on two floors each equipped with an infinity pool overlooking the lake. Designed with the aim of reconciling the human being and nature, the restaurant is located in the middle of a vegetable garden from which guests can see what they will eat. The competition has been cancelled.