1 Sheratongolfparcodemedici3 Rome 2016
Sheraton Golf Parco de Medici 3

Architecture & Interior Design

New 4 stars Business Hotel
LOCATION: Rome - Italy
SERVICES PROVIDED: Interior Architecture & Decoration

Project description

It is the third Sheraton built in the area of the 27-holes Parco de Medici Golf Course. Differently from Sheraton Golf 2, it doesn’t overlook the golf course, and it was mainly conceived as a Business Hotel provided with a high number of executive rooms. The interior design of the public areas is modern, with a dominant of neutral palette highlighted by red touch. The interior architecture is characterized by the internal courtyards which bring a lot of natural light and make the scene unique thanks to the presence of ancient olive trees. The 220 Guestrooms have a warmer interior design thanks to the taupe wood used both for paneling and floor, well matched with warm fabric in brown, orange, cream color. The hotel is provided with 2 Restaurant, 2 bars and with an efficient Meeting Center with 10 Meeting Rooms.
In Partnership with
Giovanni Rebecchini