1 VillaAzour Beirut 2017
Villa Azour

Architecture & Interior Design

Private Villa
LOCATION: Kfaryassine (Beirut) - Lebanon
CRONOLOGY: 2014 - 2017
SERVICES PROVIDED: Interior Architecture & Interior Design

Project description

A sculptural white cube located on a dramatic cliff in the area of Kfaryassine, Lebanon. The interior architecture of this private villa - covering a surface of 1500 sq.m - has been designed by Lorenzo Bellini as a sum of several open spacesdeveloped around a central patio that crosses the main three floors and is visible from the entrance; as the whole villa, the patio is covered by back lighted grey oak paneling, and is enriched by a custom made chandelier, exclusively designed by Lorenzo Bellini as many other pieces of furniture of the villa. The reception areas are located in the ground floor and in the garden level, where guests can enjoy, swimming in the infinity pool overlooking Jounieh bay. The two upper floors houses several bedrooms, all with “en suite” bathrooms: the master bedroom, on the penthouse level, is featured by a private outdoor pool where you can sit, relax and enjoy , facing the high rises of Beirut on the horizon!!!!
In partnership with:
Nabil Gholam